LED Super Strip Light has higher lumen count than all othes

Written by: Gary Neumann
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LED Super Strip Light Increases Foot Candles From 11 to 50. Eliminate your fluorescent tubes and save money and get better light.

LED Super Strip Lights Increase Foot Candles From 11 to 50 FC.

LED Super Strip Light Increases Light Intensity from 11 Foot-Candles to 50 Foot-Candles

Foot-candle n. A unit of measure of the intensity of light falling on a surface equal to 1 lumen per square foot. It has been replaced in the International System by the candela (1 lumen per square meter).

In a recent application inside a large global food processing plant our new LED SUPER STRIP LIGHT increased the existing foot-candles from 11 to 50. That is a whopping 78% increase. The existing fixturewas a 5 tube 4 pin 2G11 CFL compact fluorescent lamp.

  • 55 Watt 4 Pin 2G11 CFL Compact Fluorescents
  • The celling is around 26’ off the floor

Total wattage of each fixture was about 295 Watts.

We replaced them with (4) of our new LED SUPER STRIP LIGHTS 22” long and only 30 Watts each for a total of 120W and pumping out 18,900 lumens total.

End result is a light output that could not be believed by the plant manager and staff. Positive cash flow for 10 years was $979.00 per fixture. This is a 24/7 plant.

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