High Bay LED Retrofit From Fluorescents to LED Save Up to 80% In Energy

Written by: Gary Neumann
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New LED Super Strip Light

LED Retrofit CFL to LED Super Strip light produces positive 10 year case flow.

 Fluorescent Tubes Are A Thing Of The Past Retrofit To A LED Super Strip

10 Year Positive Cash Flow of $979.00 By Retrofitting Existing 2G11 CFL High Bay Lights To A LED Super Strip Light

In a recent application inside a large global food processing plant we were able to achieve a 10 year net positive cash flow of $979.00 by changing out the existing Compact Fluorescent high bay lighting at 26’ off the floor with our new LED Super Strip Lights.

Not only were we able to increase the positive cash flow but we were able to increase the light intensity by 78%. The original CFL 2G11 lighting was putting out only 11 Foot-Candles compared to our new LED Strip Lights that were putting out 50 Foot-Candles.

foot-candle n. A unit of measure of the intensity of light falling on a surface equal to 1 lumen per square foot. It has been replaced in the International System by the candela (1 lumen per square meter).

In Summary:

Total wattage of each CFL fixture was about 295 Watts. (5) 2G11 Tubes with 55 Watts each and ballast.  

We replaced them with (4) of our new LED SUPER STRIP LIGHTS 22” long and only 30 Watts each for a total of 122W and pumping out 18,900 lumens total.

This is a 24/7 plant so the lights are on 168 hours per week.

The rates life of the existing CFL tubes are 9,600 hours. The new LED Super Strips have a rated life expectancy of 117,000 hours.

The kWh rate at this plant is only $0.06. Maintenance Cost over a 10 year period on the old CFL tubes is $250. The NEW LED Super Strips is $0.00. Total Kilowatts saved per year per fixture is 1,511.  Annual energy savings is $91.00.

Total Savings and Payback are $116.00 and 1.5 years.

For more information  call Dave Klumb at 262-707-7288 or  Email: info(at)retrofitled.net

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