1000W LED Retrofit Lights Use Only 240W Save Up To 80% In Energy and No Maintenance

Written by: Gary Neumann
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Car dealer saves big on retrofitting his 1000W Metal Halide lamps to only a 280W LED.

1000W LED Retrofit Lights Save 80% In Energy

A large car dealer in the Chicago area is saving big dollars by having Neu-Tech Energy Solutions retrofit not only his 1000W Metal Halide lights in his lot to a 280W LED but also his wall pack lights on the side of his building and his interior tube lights in his service department to a our new LED Super Strip light. The big difference in the parking lots is you can now see the correct color of the car at night. With metal halide lighting a dark grey car will be almost black. Same as a dark blue care. What LED lighting does is produce the right spectrum of light that shows you the exact color of the cars so you will know a dark grey from black car.

In the service department the technicians can now exactly what they are doing. In the past the lighting in most service departments is not very good. Our new LED strip lights pumping out 165 Lumens per watt make the service department look like daylight all the time. Give us a call so we can show you how to not only save money but sell more cars and make your employees happy with their job. Call 262-707-7288 or email info(at)retrofitled.net

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