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You found the right place. In most cases there are several solutions to updating your old HID lighting to an LED. Give the experts at Neu Tech Energy Solutions a call first. The right light at the right price!

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99% Of All Metal Halides, HPS, Incandescents, Halogen Can Be Converted To An LED. Parking Lot Lights, High Bays, Fluorescent Tubes, Flood Lights, Wall Packs and more. Call The LED Experts At Neu-Tech


LED Lights Last 10 Plus Years and there are many choices....we can help you pick the right one for your application. Call anytime we answer our phones.

You see when you call Neu-Tech Energy Solutions we want to know about your application, how high the pole is, the existing watts and volts, are you a church, office building, hotel, restaurant, perimeter or middle lot light.....because this determines what we will recommend to you. At the end of the day we want you to be a satisfied customer now and 5 years from now. LED Technology is changing so fast it's crazy. There are many choices availabe for every application.   

Here is an example:

LED parking lot light retrofit   GenV LED Retrofit Light  Corn Cob LED Retrofit Light  Slim Line New LED Parking Lot fixture   180ShoeboxFixture


Which One Would You Choose?

They will all work for up to a 400W Conversion and some up to a 1000W conversion.


Lets assume all three of these LED lights are 120W ....the first three are LED retrofits the third is a new fixture. All of these will replace a 400W Existing Shoebox HID lamp.

The first one on the left is putting out 14,000 lumens, the next one is 17,000 lumens the corn cob is 10,000 lumens and the new fixture is 13,000 lumens, the 180 Degree is 115W at 16,100 lumens but need to make sure length will work in your fixture. Which one would you choose? Good question but you also need to look at the specs for each one.

One has a 10 Year warranty on the LED board, one has a 6 year warranty on the LED board, the cob has a 5 year warranty and the new fixture a 6 year warranty. Two of them have a lifespan of 70,000 hours, one is 50,000 and the new fixture last 70,000 hours. One has standard optics, one has better optics for parking lot lighting, the cob is 360 degrees and the new fixture has standard optics. Now we ask you what kind of application are you putting this light into? Church, office building, school, industry, bad neighborhood, high security location, restaurant etc. How high is the fixture? This all matters as to what light we will recommend for your application. While others may offer you a 14,000 lumen 120W LED retrofit we might have a 100W 14,000 LED retrofit that will do the same thing but use less wattage...all based on volume (brightness of light) or (lumens)

We want you as a satisfied customer now and in 5 years. We know what works and what does not work. We know how many lumens will work for what you are replacing. Do NOT under size what you are getting you won't be satisfied. Get the right lumen count the first time out.

Call The Experts At Neu-Tech Energy Solutions.

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Parking Lot Lights Use The Most Energy And Are The Easiest To Replace With A LED Retrofit or New Fixture And Save You Money

LED Parking Lot light  1000W LED Retrofit  400W LED Retrofit Kit

These are your typical LED parking lot pole lights. The one on the left was a 250W HID lamp. We retrofitted it with a 100W LED Retrofit kit. The picture in the middle shows a 1000W HID lamp fixture that was retrofitted with a 380W LED Light Retrofit. The picture on the right is a typical example of what a 120W LED Retrofit Kit looks like that replaces a 400W Metal Halide. This is typical of 90% of most parking lots in the US.


New LED Light Fixture  New Parking Lighting Fixtures  slimline LED light fixture

If your shoeboxes are in bad shape or you need new a LED Parking Lot light we have several choices for you. As you can see they come in a variety of styles. Most are very streamlined and nice looking. The specifications have changed immensely on these lights in the last few years. Lumens per watt have gone up so the light output you get is going to be very bright on all models.

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Check Out Our New LED Parking Lot Light Replacement....

The Beaver Tail. Simple To Install,


180degreebottomopt  180ShoeboxFixture  180canopyopt

Check below for examples and pictures of our LED

Products and Applications we have done over the years.




Products and Applications

Check Out Some Of Our How To and Applications Videos Here

Neu-Tech Energy Solutions has been in the Commercial LED Lighting business since 2008. With tens of thousands of lights sold we have come across about 99% of all LED lighting applications. You can count on us to recommend the right LED for the job. Not all LED lights are made the same. Call the experts at Neu-Tech Energy Solutions. LED lights last 10 plus years, make sure you pick the right light for the job.


Wall Pack Canopy Flood Lights LED retrofit them with LED

Wall pack LED lights

Wall Packs, Canopy and Flood Lights can all be retrofitted with an LED. New LED fixtures available great pricing!

LED Retrofit Lighting For Wall Packs And Canopy Lights

Your Old Metal Halide Lamps In Your Canopy, Wall Packs and Flood Lights Are Costing You Money!

In About 20 Minutes You Can Either Retrofit to An LED or Put In New Energy Efficient LED

New or Retrofit you can start saving up to 80% in energy and eliminate your maintenance on them for decades

Neu-Tech Energy Solutions has a complete line of High Quality LED Wall Packs, Canopy and Flood Lights. These are made with the best LED Chips and Drivers on the market. Complete 6 Year Warranty on the LED light and 5 Years on the LED Driver. DLC Listings If Needed. 

 Don’t forget if you want to keep your existing Wall Pack or Canopy Light we can supply you with a Retrofit LED Light Package that will probably be less than a new unit. If you have old wall packs or canopy lights that are yellowed out the best thing to do is go with a new LED unit. A LED Retrofit light will not go through the distorted cover. Retrofits only take about 20 minutes to install and they last over 70,000 hours.

WallPackRetrofit120W  GasStationcanopyretrofit  WallPackRetrofit

    Wall Pack LED Retrofit                                                    Canopy LED Retrofit                                           Wall Pack Retrofit

If your wall pack or canopy light is in good shape we can retrofit it with one of our LED lighting engines for a lot less money.

LED retrofit kit 250x176   180canopyopt  corncobseries192

   LED Retrofit Light                    180 Degree Wall Pack or Canopy Retrofit    Corn Cob LED Retrofits

wall pack corn cob LED    wall pack open  

Corn Cob LED Retrofit                                 Open Wall Pack                          



From 50W to 400W we can retrofit any wall pack or canopy light you have.

New Wall Pack Lights Available

Great Pricing !!!-  Neu Tech Energy Solutions LED Canopy/ WallPacks

wall pack  Small Wall Pack    Half Cut Wall Pack

New Full Cut Wall Pack 50-120W               New Small Wall Pack 13W and 16W                       New Half Cut Wall Pack 100W - 120W and 250W




Call one of our LED Retrofit Lighting Specialist and will help you come up with the best way to SAVE MONEY.

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If you are looking for a proposal you can use our Request For Quote form on our main site or you can call one of our LED Retrofit lighting specialist.

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Flood Lighting

Typical 400W Flood Lights Can Be Retrofitted With ONLY A 120W LED

Save up to 80% In Energy And Eliminate Your Lighting Maintenance For 10+ Years

LD Flood Light Retrofit  LED Flood Light

From A 30' High 400W School Parking Lot To A Small 250W Flood Light Behind A Bail Bond Facility

We Can Convert Your Existing Flood Light To An LED Light.

How Do I Pick Out The Right LED Retrofit? Very Easy See Below...

Here is a list of our standard LED Retrofit units that are all Premium DLC Listed, have our standard driver that is multi-tap for 120V-277V AC, 480V Drivers available. The second column is what wattage the LED Retrofit Will Replace

RETROFITS Wattage  Total Watts  
MODEL # Replaced Watts LUMENS
NT-RT-30- 70-100w 30W  3,830
NT-RT-45 100-175w 45W 5,897
NT-RT-60 150-175w (65w)60w 8,238
NT-RT-75 250w+ 75W 9,793
NT-RT-105 400-525w 105W 14,528
NT-RT-120 400+-450w 120W 16,993
NT-RT-150 400+-535w 150W 20,659
NT-RT-200 550-750w 200W 26,772
NT-RT-280 850-1000W 280W 36,388
NT-RT-320 1000W+W 320W 46,035
NT-RT-350 1000-1250W 350W 42,215

 From 100W to 1300 Watt we can retrofit just about any HID, HPS fixture with our LED Retrofit

So... You Need A New LED Flood Light...No Problem We Have A Complete Line Of New Commercial

LED Flood Lights Available. These Last A Long Time And Are Not Available In Your Local Chain Stores. These are commercial grade LED lights.

100-277V Series

Flood Light LED

Model No. NT-GI-FL20

Input Voltage: AC100-277V(50~60Hz)

Input Power: LED: 10W | Total:11W

Luminous Flux: 1,020 LM

LED Source: High power CREE LEDs

Color Temp.: 3000K /4100K /5500K /6000K

View Angle: 120°

FixtureMaterial: Die-cast aluminum +Tempered glass

Fixture Surface: Black

IPRating: IP65

Warranty: 6years

Certifications: UL/cUL

Testings: LM79/LM80/IES available

Fixture Info.: 5.11”(L) 5.11”(W) 1.85”(H)

New LED Flood Light

Model No. NT-GI-FL01

Input Voltage: AC100-277V(50~60Hz)

Input Power: LED: 20W | Total:22W

Luminous Flux: 2,030 LM

LED Source: High Power CREE LEDs Color

Temp.: 3000K /4100K /5500K /6000K

View Angle: 120°

Fixture Material: Die-cast aluminum +Tempered glass

Fixture Surface: Black

IP Rating: IP65

Warranty: 6 years

Certifications: UL/cUL

Testings: LM79/LM80/IES available

Fixture info.: 6.69”(L) 6.69” (W) 2.28”(H), 1.5kg

Flood Light LED

Model No. GI-FL22

Inpu tVoltage: AC100-277V(50~60Hz)

Input Power: LED: 50W | Total:55W

Luminous Flux: 5,050 LM

LED Source: High power CREE LEDs Color

Temp.: 3000K /4100K /5500K /6000K

View Angle: 120°

Fixture Material: Die-cast aluminum +Tempered Glass

Fixture Surface: Black

IP Rating: IP65

Warranty: 6years

Certifications: UL/cUL

Testings: LM79/LM80/IES available

Fixture info.: 9.05” (L)7.48” (W) 4.21”(H)


 More Available Click On Catalogue Below For Full Brochure

For more information on how we can save you up to 80% in energy cost and eliminate your lighting maintenance for 10+ years give one of our LED Retrofit Lighting Specialist a call. You DO NOT have to buy new fixtures. We can use your existing fixtures and save you money.

Call: 513-702-3533 / 513-325-1623 / 262-707-7288 / 407-230-9096  




Click on the Request For Quote form above to get an instant proposal. Please let us know what you are replacing. Style of Wall Pack, existing watts, volts and height of unit. A picture would be great. It always helps.

Call for a brochure on the complete line of LED Wall Packs, LED Flood Lights and LED Canopy Lights

Canopy Lighting

canopynew  canopy flat

New Canopy Light Available from 40W, 60W, 90W or 110W.   Flat Mount Canopy Available in 42W and 65W

New Series for more information. We can help you replace any kind of Canopy Lighting you may have in including recessed cans, barn style lights and more.

 Standard Specifications

Input Voltage: AC100-277V(DLC) /347-480V available

Input Power:    LED: Varies from 40, 60W, 90W, 110W Replacements from 125W to 400W Metal halide lamps LED Source:CREE LED chipsColor

Temp.: 3000K/4100K/5500K(DLC)/6000K   View Angle: 120 degree Fixture Material: Die-cast aluminum + Prismatic lens Fixture Surface: Powder coating appearance IP Rating: Warranty: IP65 6 years Test Reports: LM79/LM80/IES available

For more information on how we can save you up to 80% in energy cost and eliminate your lighting maintenance for 10+ years give one of our LED Retrofit Lighting Specialist a call. You DO NOT have to buy new fixtures. We can use your existing fixtures and save you money.

Call: 513-702-3533 / 513-325-1623 / 262-707-7288 / 407-230-9096  




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We can retrofit 99% of any HID, HPS, Fluorescent Tube, Incandescent or Halogen Lamp in the following applications and more...parking lot lights, flood lights, parking garage lights, street lights, cobra heads, shoe boxes, canopy lights, wall packs, bollards, acorn lights, decorative light post, recessed cans, T8, T5, T12 tubes, high bay lighting, low bay lighting, gas station lighting, canopy lighting, school lighting, gymnasium lighting, stadium lighting, fluorescent lights, cfl lights, PL lamps, sconces, library lighting, school lighting, corn cob LED, corn cob lighting and more

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