Retrofit LED an easy way to save up to 80% in Energy Cost.

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Eliminate Your Maintenance Headaches For 10 PLUS YEARS And Lower Your Energy Cost By Up To 80%! Takes Only 15 Minutes To Retrofit.

Retrofit or New We can help you save money and maintenance dollars for the next 100,000 hours.

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Our LED Retrofits Last Up To 100,000 PLUS Hours And Have A 5 and 6 Year Warranty.

They are also UL and DLC Listed Which Is Important When Applying For Any Kind Of Rebates With Your Utility Company

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Use Your Own Fixture

Forget about buying a new fixture. Our patent pending Retrofit Kits convert HID, HPS and Fluorescent light fixtures into maintenance free, energy efficient LED fixtures.Save up to 80% in Energy.

Neu-Tech Energy Solutions represents several LED Retrofit Manufactures of sophisticated microprocessor controlled LED products. We provide "off the shelf" LED Retrofit Kits for shoeboxes in parking lots, parking garage lights, High and Low bay lighting for manufacturing, wall pack lights and LED tubulars for fluorescents bulbs and many other applications listed. All with a 100,000 PLUS hour lifespan and 5 year warranty and a energy savings feature in each unit that allows it to reduce the wattage by 50% when you don't need it.


We Can Convert 99% Of Any HID To An LED And Use Your Own Fixture

 LED Light On Yoke Bracket w/Mogul Adapter LED light on Single Plate. Driver, Fan and Heat Sink


Recent Applications From The Hundreds We Have Done Across The US

Airplane Hangar




Private Hangar In Michagan. We used single 135W LED Retrofits on the side

and Double 135W Retrofits in the middle. What a beautiful LED retrofit application


120W kit in cobra head 001.

Cobra Head LED Retrofit

Office Building Parking Lot and Flood Light

 Retrofits Lights

 Flood Lights with optics to light up side of building.

Saving 78% in energy cost.

Typical Applications

 Parking Garage Lighting

 Parking Garage Lighting Guardco Unit From MH to LED

 Parking Lots

Parking Lots Shoebox Lighting (church lot)


Scottsdale Retrofits 002  Scottsdale Retrofits 003

Scottsdale Retrofits 005  Scottsdale Retrofits 006

Scottsdale Gas Station Canopy Retrofits 375 Watt to 100 Watt

 Decorative Street

Decorative Street Lighting (Small Town Kentucky)


 Automobile Car Lot

Automobile Car Lot: 1070W Metal Halide to 296W LED Savings Approximate $625 per fixture, per year


High Bay Warehouse

High Bay Warehouse Retrofit


 Aviation High Bay Retrofit

Aviation High Bay Retrofit 186W Double LED Hi Bay Retrofit


Outside Street Light

Cobra Head: Outside Street Light


High Mast Application

High Mast Application 50' High Bank ATM Application


Parking Garage Retrofit

Parking Garage Retrofit After Picture With LED Light


Canopy LED Retrofit

Canopy LED Retrofit        :        LED Retrofit For Gas Station 


Hospital In Colorado Application:

Parking Lot Using High Energy 1070W HPS Retrofitted With (3) 93W LED lights (Only 279W) on a plate with turret mount A 74% Savings In Energy Cost.

 Lot Using High Energy 1070W HPS

"We installed the light last Wednesday. It’s awesome! The mounting bracket fit perfectly. Install was a cinch".

Facilites Manager


Need A New High Powered LED Fixture?

We Have Them All... From Shoeboxes, Wall Packs, Flood Lights, Cobra Heads, Sports Lighters and Area Lights. Our US Made Manufacture Uses Only The Highest Quality LED's Available Today.

LED Shoebox LED Retrofit Shoebox  LED Shoebox Retrofit

arealight LED canopys LED  wallpack LED

floodlight LED  arealightr weble-580x482

Call for more information on our New LED Fixtures. We use only top quality fixtures and LED Light Engines. Current Light Engines are using 140 Lumens per watt LED Chips. 5 Year Warranty, 100,000 Lifespan. Price is very agressive and affordable.



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The Next Best Kept Secret To Energy Efficient Lighting


INDUCTION LIGHTINGThey can last 100,000 hours and are able to reduce your energy consumption by 50%. A great deal if LED Retrofits are not in your budget. Shoebox Induction Retrofit For 1000W Matal Halide. This unit only uses 400W.Great for Car Lots or Parking Lots or High Energy Outside Lighting . Recent Parking Lot Retrofit From Metal Halide to Induction Lighting. The company is so happy with the outcome we are doing another garage for them. You can see why!


Induction Lighting

Other Types of Induction Lighting Parking Garage

warehouse lighting

                  Warehouse                                                           Motorcycle Sales Floor


Parking Lot School


200 Watt Induction

400 Watt Metal Halide to 200 Watt Induction.

Induction lighting provides great lighitng, has a 5 year warranty and last 100,000 hours.

Cost less than LED and gives you a minimum 50% Energy Savings


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