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LED Parking Lot Lights Are an easy way to save up to 80% in Energy. Tens of thousands sold around the country.

We say Specialist for one reason with tens of thousands of products sold we pretty much have it down as to what will work and what will not work. While others offer LED Retrofits lights and new LED Fixtures in a shopping cart fashion we will not do that for one reason. All LED lights are not built the same!

You see when you call Neu-Tech Energy Solutions we will ask you a lot of questions because at the end of the day we want you to be a satisfied customer now and 5 years from now. LED Technology is changing so fast it's crazy. If you are not keeping up with it daily you will miss a lot. Most people are use to ordering lights using only wattage and voltage as a determining factor. That day is over my friends. Today it is all about LUMEN COUNT.

searching For Retrofit LED Lighting? Think Lumens Not Watts

In the normal world we live in when you go to the store and are buying something with volume or weight we think about how much of it we get...take for example.... When buying milk, we buy it by volume (gallons). So, why should buying a light be any different? Ever since I started being the maintenance guy for my house I bought light bulbs based on how much energy they consume (Watts) — no matter how much light they give us (Lumens). " Honey the hallway light is out"...get a ladder, climb up take it out, look at bulb 60W, OK I need a 60w replacement. That't pretty much it and has been that way for decades. Today is a different day.

Whats A Lumen?

Lumens measure how much light you are getting from a bulb. More lumens means it's a brighter light; fewer lumens means it's a dimmer light.

Lumens are to light... what pounds are to bananas and gallons are to milk.

Lumens let you buy the amount of light you want. So when buying your new bulbs, think lumens, not watts.

Here is an example:

LED parking lot light retrofit GenV LED Retrofit Light Corn Cob LED Retrofit Light Slim Line New LED Parking Lot fixture

Lets assume all three of these LED lights are 120W ....the first three are LED retrofits the third is a new fixture. All of these will replace a 400W Existing Shoebox HID lamp.

The first one on the left is putting out 14,000 lumens, the next one is 17,000 lumens the corn cob is 10,000 lumens and the new fixture is 13,000 lumens. Which one would you choose? Good question but you also need to look at the specs for each one.

One has a 10 Year warranty on the LED board, one has a 6 year warranty on the LED board, the cob has a 5 year warranty and the new fixture a 6 year warranty. Two of them have a lifespan of 70,000 hours, one is 50,000 and the new fixture last 70,000 hours. One has standard optics, one has better optics for parking lot lighting, the cob is 360 degrees and the new fixture has standard optics. Now we ask you what kind of application are you putting this light into? Church, office building, school, industry, bad neighborhood, high security location, restaurant etc. How high is the fixture? This all matters as to what light we will recommend for your application. While others may offer you a 14,000 lumen 120W LED retrofit we might have a 100W 14,000 LED retrofit that will do the same thing but use less wattage...all based on volume (brightness of light) or (lumens)

We want you as a satisfied customer now and in 5 years. We know what works and what does not work. We know how many lumens will work for what you are replacing. Do NOT under size what you are getting you won't be satisfied. Get the right lumen count the first time out

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LED Parking Lot light  1000W LED Retrofit 400W LED Retrofit Kit

These are your typical LED parking lot pole lights. The one on the left was a 250W HID lamp. We retrofitted it with a 100W LED Retrofit kit. The picture in the middle shows a 1000W HID lamp fixture that was retrofitted with a 380W LED Light Retrofit. The picture on the right is a typical example of what a 120W LED Retrofit Kit looks like that replaces a 400W Metal Halide. This is typical of 90% of most parking lots in the US.


New LED Light Fixture New Parking Lighting Fixtures slimline LED light fixture

If your shoeboxes are in bad shape or you need new a LED Parking Lot light we have several choices for you. As you can see they come in a variety of styles. Most are very streamlined and nice looking. The specifications have changed immensely on these lights in the last few years. Lumens per watt have gone up so the light output you get is going to be very bright on all models.

For more information on any of our LED Parking Lot Light products please give one of our LED lighting experts a call.


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Check below for examples and pictures of our LED Products and Applications we have done over the years.